Our firm


CDIP is an IP attorney office. We assist our clients in developing and implementing a strategy for protecting their IP rights. As such, we assist our clients in obtaining, maintaining and defending their IP rights in France and abroad.

CDIP is authorized to represent its clients before the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), before the European Patent Office (EPO) and before the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). CDIP is a member of the French National Company of Industrial Property Attorneys (CNCPI) and the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI).

The French Intellectual Property Code regulates access to and exercise of the profession of IP Attorney. As such, we obey strict ethical rules that, in particular, mean that:

  • We are subject to absolute respect of professional secrecy
  • We avoid any situations that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest.

There are today two experienced IP attorneys in the office: Charles Descazeaux, founder of CDIP, and Jacques Vesin, Associate Consultant.


Our services include the drafting and filing of patent applications, in France and abroad, the follow-up of examination procedures, assistance in administrative litigation proceedings (oppositions, in particular before the European Patent Office, litigation before the French National Commission for Employees Inventions, …), pre-litigation and litigation (formal notice of a third party, counterfeiting seizure procedure, action for infringement,…)

We also carry out any consultations concerning patent rights (prior art searches, studies in the fields of freedom to operate and validity, questions relating to employee inventions,…), as well as contractual issues related to these rights.

We work in all areas having a mechanical, electro-mechanical or physical characteristic, and in particular in the following areas:

Aerospace – Automotive – Medical devices – Energy – Environment – Manufacturing processes Industrial gases – Packaging.



Because most IP rights belong to the first applicant, it is essential that we act quickly and effectively in our efforts on behalf of our clients.

And because there are no breaks in research and development projects, we strive to be extremely responsiveness.

Close to our clients, we believe that an efficient case processing cannot be done without a close and friendly collaboration.


We can only get the best results for our clients through our focus on constant improvement Pursuing -.

As there is no rigid domain, and especially regarding intellectual property law, we always place our creativity in the service of new solutions in order to meet the problems of our clients.


We are independent professionals focused on providing tailored advice that fully satisfies the needs of our clients. We owe them integrity and loyalty.

Ensuring the utmost transparency in our actions enables us to maintain a real dialogue with our clients, thereby enabling our clients to take confident decisions based on having all of the necessary information.